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Exercise has many health benefits both mental and physical. A sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for heart disease
Tips for starting exercise.
Martial arts provides a good way to improve cardiac fitness 1. Be regular, just do it. It does not matter what you do initially but creating the habit of exercise in adults and indeed children is important.
2. Use complex movements and use larger muscle groups, this is more "efficient" at burning calories in terms of time and effort.
3. A good rule of thumb for exercise is to get slightly out of breath then you know you are doing something worthwhile.
4. Sweating a little is also a good sign you are doing enough
5. Do something you enjoy cycling, martial arts, running, tennis this way you are cheating your brain into doing exercise and are more likely to stick at it.
6. Vary what you do to avoid boredom.
7. Don't join a gym, start by getting regular at exercise at home or in the park or running round the local area, then if you stick at it for 3 months still don't join a gym stick at the free stuff, then spend the money you save on a holiday to show off your six pack!
weight training with high reps and low weight will improve cardiac fitness8. Create the habit of exercise, vary it, stick at it, being slightly out of breath and sweating means you are doing enough.