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Exercise has many health benefits both mental and physical. A sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for heart disease
Tips for starting exercise.
Martial arts provides a good way to improve cardiac fitness 1. Be regular, just do it. It does not matter what you do initially but creating the habit of exercise in adults and indeed children is important.
2. Use complex movements and use larger muscle groups, this is more "efficient" at burning calories in terms of time and effort.
3. A good rule of thumb for exercise is to get slightly out of breath then you know you are doing something worthwhile.

Risk factors for heart attacks

There are traditionally five main risk factors for artherosclerosis (furring up of the blood vessels that can lead to angina and heart attacks)
1. high blood pressure
2. smoking
3. high cholesterol
4. a family history of heart disease below the age of 60
5. a previous heart attack
addressing the ones you can modify is important
1. checking and if necessary reducing your cholesterol (usually less than 4.8mmol/l)
2. checking and if necessary reducing your blood pressure (usually to less than 135/85mmHg)

Thinking of going private

Private cardiology patients sometimes worry about the cost. The fact is that we live in times where cost is important whether in the private sector or NHS.
Simple rules to help
Insured patients
contact your insurance company to preauthorise your treat to give yourself peace of mind
Self pay patients
Discuss your needs with the team you may choose to have some or all of your treatment
in the private sector, and it is important that you feel comfortable with the cost of treatment. Just ask to get an approximate figure. You may wish just to have the initial consult privately and then discuss the treatment options from there. Private Cardiology Services will work with you to achieve your desired level of treatment.

Getting to your ideal body weight

Being overweight has negative effect on your well being and particularly your cardiovascular health
Simple rules for reducing your weight
1. Weigh yourself regularly
2. Reduce your portion size
3 Reduce your carbohydrate intake
4 Consider using a free app like "myfitnesspal" to calorie count
5 Increase your activity level, start slowly and build up everyday